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New order arrived !!!!

It’s been like my birthday this week – received my Phoenix order on Tuesday, bits for customers and bits for my stock. I do love it when the doorbell rings and it’s my parcel, the sheer excitement of opening the box and taking out all of the bubble wrap (which once I have emptied the box, the cats play with ; ) ) 

This order was a great fun order – for one of my ladies there were colour in friezes and tablecloth and for the « Les Amis Des Animaux France » charity the PHAB Rolo & Mitch card to thank their local maire for the use of communal grounds for a fundraising event. For my own stock I got in quite a few bookmarks (soldier, monster, chocolate bar, camper vans & catrobatics) some gorgeous jotter pads (the little birdhouse one, ceramics and the pink owl one) and a set of the Happy Families game. 

All in all I have quite a range of in stock items – please don’t forget that on 14th July I shall be setting up my table in my courtyard out front with my Phoenix stock and also my new ventures – Neways and PartyLite. Please do feel free to pop by and say bonjour if you are in the area 

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Par helenphoenixtraderinfrance
Le 2 juillet 2015
A 15 h 59 min
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FUNDRAISING FOR ELEPHANT HAVEN dans fundraising 11535805_491556774330240_4386200314370365526_n-300x111


It’s been quite some time since I wrote anything on this blog as I’ve been very busy with multiple ventures on the go, but to get myself back into blogging I am starting with this article .

 A few weeks back the lovely Sofie from Elrphant Haven put out a request for fundraising events for the 31 day fundraising festival in aid of the sanctuary. Well it’s such a PHAB cause I jumped at the chance !!!!! SO on August 10 I shall be holding an online facebook event to raise money – 10% of sales will be donated to Elephant Haven. 

 Take advantage to stock up on all your card and stationery needs, not forgetting that from 1st August the Christmas range will be available. It’s all very simple, you can even start looking now to choose the items you wish to purchase (www.phoenix-trading.co.uk/webfr/helenlaziouroger ) , On the day just email the references you would like to helenphoenixtrader@outlook.fr. All orders paid for by 14 August will be treated.

To visit the facebook event click here

To find out more about Elephant Haven click here

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Par helenphoenixtraderinfrance
Le 23 juin 2015
A 14 h 14 min
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Prochaine commande

Pour info je passe une commande auprés le sige DEMAIN lundi 2 février 2015. Toute commande des cartes toutes occassions sera au prix 2014 soit 2€10 l’unité au lieu de 2€50.

La commande sera arrivé en France, chez moi, en milleu de semaine et donc si je dois envoyé chez vous, arrivé pour samedi. Il y a donc temps de profiter pour une carte de saint valentin et il faut également penser c’est la fête des grande-méres en debut mars


For info I am ordering from the company headquarters TOMORROW Monday 2 February 2015. All orders of everyday cards will be at 2014 prices – so 2€10 each instead of 2€50.

The order will arrive in France, here at my home, in the middle of the week and if I need to send your order to you by post it would arrive approximately on the 9th February if you are in the UK or the 7th February if you are within France http://www.phoenix-trading.co.uk/webfr/helenlaziouroger

prochaine commande demain 2 février next order tomorrow 2 Feb

prochaine commande demain 2 février next order tomorrow 2 Feb

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Par helenphoenixtraderinfrance
Le 1 février 2015
A 9 h 48 min
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Toute le monde était malade / Everbody was sick

Je m’excuse pour l’absence depuis quelques semaines, d’abord le petit Maxence avait un pneumonie et il a ensuite ‘donné’ ses microbes et moi – même et son beau-père. Heureusement on va tous bien maintenant.

Je voulais profiter de vous parler de mes cartes ‘Bon Rétablissement’. Chez Phoenix, comme toujours, nos artistes ont créer des cartes super jolies. Je garde toujours une ou deux à la maison en cas de besoin et le fait de reçevoir une carte quand on est malade, remonte vraiment la morale et donc le rétablissement sera pluys vite.

Toute les cartes ci dessous sont disponible à la commande, il faut just me contacter avec vos réferences


Apologies for the absence the last couple of weeks, first the little Maxence was ill with pneumonia and then he passed his germs onto myself and his step-father. Thankfully we are all fine now.

I wanted to take advantage to speak to you about my ‘Get Well Soon’ cards. At Phoenix, as always, our artists have done us proud and created some lovely cards. I keep one or two always at home ‘just in case’ and I firmly believe receiving one of my phab phoenix cards when you are ill will cheer you up and therefore recovery is quicker.

All the cards below are available to order, you just need to contact me with your references

Tel 09 80 93 90 83


L254 Poorly Bunnies

L254 Poorly Bunnies

WS240 Hope You Feel Better

WS240 Hope You Feel Better

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Par helenphoenixtraderinfrance
Le 27 janvier 2015
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baloon release for Maddie

Although this blog is about being a Phoenix Trader I couldn’t not write about this very special young lady .

Maddie was a real ray of sunshine to all that met her – humans and animals alike. She and her mum Verity are well known members of the ex pat community here in France. She was known to have asthma and some mild allergies but none were considered life-threatening. A year ago she ate something new, but none of te ingredients were known triggers for her. The unthinkable happened and she had a severe allergic reaction? Within an hour she was dead despite medical attention.

My heart goes out to Verity and Neil, Maddie’s parents, left with such a void but carrying on with all the good work both with animals (the Twilight Retirement Home for dogs have installed a special bench and cabin in Maddie’s memory) and for the Anaphylactic Association (Neil is running the London marathon to raise money).

This is a special request from Maddie’s parents

« To include all, wherever they may be, whatever the time where they are,we have decided to hold a PINK balloon release on WEDNESDAY 14th JANUARY at 5PM FRENCH time ( GMT+1). This is Maddies official recorded time of death.

To join in is easy. Simply release your balloon with a short message to Maddie attatched at the given time knowing that we are all doing the same.
Friends in France are more than welcome to join us at Maddies home from 4pm onwards so we can release the balloons ‘en masse’ with her friends together.

I hope this means that everyone who wants to be involved can be.
Love and miss you Maddie every single minute. Xx »

You can read more about Maddie here http://www.anaphylaxis.org.uk/living-with-anaphylaxis/news/maddies-story

Maddie was a huge helper to all animals in her short life

Maddie was a huge helper to all animals in her short life

please remember to release your baloons at 5pm FRENCH time, that's 4pm in the UK

please remember to release your baloons at 5pm FRENCH time, that’s 4pm in the UK

Maddie chilling with the dogs

Maddie chilling with the dogs

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Par helenphoenixtraderinfrance
Le 11 janvier 2015
A 19 h 30 min
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A Busy Week

It has been a very busy week with lots of ideas being put into place. At the beginning of the week I put together a little album of special Phab Phoenix items that, for each sale, I will donate a set amount to my local refuge ‘Passerelles’ at Le Petit Celland. I got my own dog Hindy  from the refuge 2 years ago and my close friend Susie has been collecting donations and selling bric a brac at local vide greniers to raise money for the refuge for many years now. This is my way of trying to help. You can see the special album on facebook here https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.419145351571383.1073741918.249296745222912&type=3

I have also been creating some collaborations with other small businesses that compliment my cards and stationery – lots of gift ideas as well as services (LH Hair up here in Manche and Basingstoke Removals, who do national UK romovals as well as UK – France removals) . Hot news is also that from Monday morning until Friday (12 – 16 January) I am having a small sale on my left over Christmas stock. All this and more can be seen on the facebook page https://www.facebook.com/independentphoenixtraderhelenlaziouroger

image taken from one of the phab phoenix cards

image taken from one of the phab phoenix cards

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Une semaine bien rempli

Une semaine bien chargé chez Independent Phoenix Trader Helen Laziou Roger – d’abord j’ai selectionée quelques articles que, pour chaque vente, je verserais un donation à la refuge ‘Passerelles’ à Le Petit Celland dans la Manche. Ma copine Susie recolte des donations et a fait les vide greniers de la région depuis quelques années pour vendre des biblots et ensuite acheter des croquettes etc pour aidé les chiens et chats. L’album complet de ses articles ainsi que le montant de donation est visible sur facebook ici https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.419145351571383.1073741918.249296745222912&type=3.

J’ai aussi preparé quelques recommandations pour d’autres petites enterprises françaises qui ont des services ou articles qui peut complimenté mes cartes et papeterie. Toute mes idées sont également visible sur ma page facebook https://www.facebook.com/independentphoenixtraderhelenlaziouroger

Pour l'achat de certaines articles Phoenix je verse un donation pour la refuge Passerelles

Pour l’achat de certaines articles Phoenix je verse un donation pour la refuge Passerelles

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message de noel



Je profite de cette periode des fêtes de vous souhaité joyeux noel.

Noel est biensûr un moment que je n’arrete pas. Sûrtout les anglais mais plus en plus des français profite de ce momment festive d’envoyé des voeux au famille et aux amis et Phoenix Trading est toujours là avec une gamme fantastique pour noel. En plus des cartes, je vous propose des rouleaux du papier cadeau, étiquettes, papier de soie, rubans, guirlandes papier et des jeux et set papeterie qui sont super jolies pour offrir comme cadeau 


I would like to profite from the festive period to wish you all a Merry Christmas.

Chritmas i, of course, one of my busiest times of the year. Mainly the English but more and more French profit from the festive period to send a card with best wishes to family and friends and Phoenix Trading is always there with a phab Christmas range . As well as cards, I can offer rolls of giftwrap, tags, tissue paper, ribbons, paper chains and beautiful games and stationery sets perfect to offer as gifts 

de la part de indepentent phoenix trader


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Le 16 décembre 2014
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Mon aventure Phoenix Trader

Bonjour à tous je me permets de commencer avec une petite intro. Moi c’est Helen, je suis ressortissante Brittanique et je vis en Normandie depuis une quizaine d’années. Je suis mariée à Thibault depuis 2013 et je suis maman de Freddy et Maxence. 

J’ai decouvert Phoenix Trading par hasard quand j’ai fait connaisance avec une autre distributrice en 2013, j’ai même commander mes invitations de mariage avec elle. Comme je suis limité par ma santé de la nature de travail que je peux faire, c’était evident d’ investir 40€ juste aprés notre mariage pour devenir distributrice moi même. Je viens de fêter mon premier anniversaire avec Phoenix Trading et biensûr je continue !!!!


Hello all, to start off I am taking the liberty to write a little intro. Me, I’m Helen, ex pat in Normandy for about 15 years now. I have been married to Thibault since 2013 and I am mum to Freddy and Maxence.

I discovered Phoenix Trading by accident when I met another Trader in 2013, I even ordered my wedding invitations from her. As my health means I can not work ‘normally’, it just seemed the right thing to do just after our wedding to invest 40€ and set up as a trader myself. I have just celebrated my first birthday with Phoenix Trading and of course I will be carrying on !!!Independent Phoenix Trader FR - 20342

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Par helenphoenixtraderinfrance
Le 15 décembre 2014
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